Car Media Center Update

My Car Media Center is working VERY well now. I had some small stability issues when I hit speedbumps too fast. I think the Sound Card lost contact somewhere in it’s PCI slot, because when it rebooted sometimes, the soundcard wasn’t detected. I moved slots, and it is now working perfectly.

I also had a very strange problem where sometimes when my car lights were on, the screen would switch very rapidly between AV1 and AV2, and although I have both these inputs connected to the Media Center, the clicking as it switched was very annoying. However, sometimes it was very bad, but sometimes it would hardly do it at all. I was stumped. It had nothing to do with the connection to the PC, because it would do it wven when it was completely disconnected.

Last night, I discovered why!! The screen is getting power from the same line as the radio. I suspected it was a power problem, but wasn’t sure how to fix it. My car has a dashboard light dimmer on it. It turned out that this is a simple rheostat and when it was dimmed, the screen would behave very badly, but when it was bright, everything worked fine. I now just leave it on bright, and we’re rocking and rolling!!

3 thoughts on “Car Media Center Update

  1. Greg

    I have done the same thing in my Aurora. It’s turned out to be pretty cool. I have taken it a little farther adding GPS capability and a High Speed Verison internet card. Now I can fly down the highway at 70 and download music from Napster!

  2. steve

    Sounds really cool. You may want to get switched power from somewhere else besides the light dimmer. I doubt it could handle that load for a long time. Just my 2 cents

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