1 Hi-Def Channel and IPTV in South Africa before 2010

According to a South African Newspaper, Business Day, Multichoice are going to start piloting IPTV in August.  Someone better let Telkom know, because my 3GB cap will be up pretty quickly watching a 5 day cricket test over IPTV.  They also want to have 1 Hi-Def channel in by the 2010 World Cup.  Whoa, only 5 years to bring 1 channel?  America has had Hi-Def for years already.  Euro1080 is already up and running too, and has been for a while.

I suppose their reasoning for taking so long is that there are a limited number of HDTV capable receivers in South African homes right now.  Maybe, if import duties weren’t so ridiculous, they’d be cheaper, and more people would have them??  Anyway, enough ranting for now.  South Africa is the best country in the world, by far, but we have some issues, but who doesn’t?

See the article here: allAfrica.com: South Africa: New Hi-Tech Decoder Hits Market

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