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Here’s an easy way to save R1000.  I softmodded an unchiped XBox today.  I used the Splinter Cell exploit.  Including the time it took to download the exploit, put in on my memory card, go downstairs to where it is, run it, and make sure everything worked 100%, I’d say the whole process took about 5 minutes.

I’m now running UnleashX, XBox Media Center (23–07–2005) and can now play NTSC or PAL games on a stock standard (well, hardware anyway) XBox. 

To complete this awfully simple task, and free your XBox from all these terrible constraints placed on it by Microsoft, simply download the Softmod Installer 2.0 from XBox Tribe or any other web site you choose.  The Softmod installer includes exploits for Splinter Cell (NTSC and PAL), Mech Assault and 007 Agent under fire.  You need to have the originals of these games to get this working.  I am fortunate enough to have Splinter Call and Mech Assault.  Please bear in mind that the Classics range of games NO NOT WORK.  You need the older version.

It is a lot easier to complete this task if you already have a modded XBox or can borrow one from somebody.  You need to upload these Save Games onto a modded XBox using XBox Saves Manager, or just extract them and FTP them onto E:\Udata.  Take a XBox memory card and plug it into a controller connected to the modded XBox.  Load M$Dash and go to Memory.  From here you can copy Save Games onto your memory card.  Copy the relevant save game (depending on what exploit you’re using) from the XBox to the Memory Card.  The Splinter Cell exploit is 2 files, a Linux Installer, and a Splinter Cell Save game.  The Linux Installer is 485 blocks, so you’ll need your memory card to be virtually empty to have enough space.

You should make sure you have the latest M$Dash (5960) before doing this.  Run a newish game, and select XBox Live and it should update the dash for you, or go to XBox Live, and select Account Recovery, as this seems to also update your Dashboard.  Just quit when it asks you for account details.

Now plug the memory card into the new XBox.  Use M$Dash’s memory manager to copy the saves from the memory card to the Hard Drive.  Now load the game.  Go to load save game, and you should see a Linux save game.  Load this save, and voila, the game crashes and a nice Dashboard Installer pops up. 

If you want to play on XBox Live with this XBox ever again, you will need to make a backup of your original C partition.  The Softmod Installer 2.0 gives you the option of doing this.  It creates a Backup Folder on E:.  I suggest you copy this onto a PC and or write it to a CD to keep it safe. 

Now install UnleashX or EvoX (your choice) and you’re done.  Reboot your XBox after this and your new Dash should load up. 

To undo the softmod, simply boot up your XBox with the Drive open, and the SoftMod Installer menu will come up.  Select Restore C Backup and you’re back, good as new.

7 thoughts on “XBox Softmods

  1. Mr. Xbox Modder

    Its a nice tut but SID 2 is the biggest POS you can use to mod an xbox with. Hell even ask the creators of it and even they will say its ****. Use Either Krayzies Ndure or My Own installer. BUT If you like the SID 2 type set up then go get an installer Called Waffle Tools. It is a UXE based installer and uses NKP or PBL. And you can change it on the fly. Give Waffle Tools a Try I think youll find that its way better than SID 2. Well come to think of it…..most everything is better than SID 2.

  2. LeviathanSA Post author

    I’ll give Waffle Tools a try. I downloaded it a while ago, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the advice. I’m also going to give yours a try.


  3. Duncan Post author

    Nothing yet. There is an exploit out that people are playing with, but it only exists in certain dashboard versions. If you ever connect to Live, or even play a recent game, your dashboard will be updated, so its not really a good option as yet.


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