No XBOX360 in South Africa

I just had a chat with a friend of mine who works for Microsoft. Apparently, there are no plan to release XBOX360 in South Africa at all. It will only be available via import, like Xbox currently is. This also means no official XBox Live support. I’m bummed about this.

Fortunatly, with the new “Silver” Xbox live, if you have ADSL you should still be able to play online, as it’s free and hopefully you won’t need a foreign credit card to get access. You won’t be able to play on the weekends or enter tournaments though.

I put the blame (maybe unfairly, but I don’t care!) squarely on Telkom. I’m sure if bandwidth was cheaper, the market for this would be bigger, and it would be a viable option for MS, but not at the moment.

2 thoughts on “No XBOX360 in South Africa

  1. Chris

    This sucks.

    I wouldn’t worry about it to much though. We seem to have got by just fine without Microsoft offically launching both the XBOX and Media Center here.

    I am sure that can get our grubby little hands on one.


  2. Steve

    Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video games system is coming to South Africa.

    “Unfortunately I cannot yet say when it will be available in South Africa, as we’re still investigating the market,” said Cindy White, home and entertainment group manager for Microsoft SA. “All I can say at this stage is that the Xbox 360 is definitely coming to South Africa.”


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