Car Media Center Update 1.01

I previously posted about a small problem I had with the PCI sound card when going over bumps at speed. It went away for a while after changing PCI slots, but I’m afraid it returned. Moving the card helped again, but it still came back.

I was using a Creative SoundBlaster Live! 24bit External on one of my home PC’s. This card rocks because it sounds awesome and doesn’t need any additional power other than what it gets via the USB port. I moved this into my car, and it is now ROCK SOLID! I had no new power requirements, and because it was connected via a USB cable instead of being screwed into a PCI slot, small vibrations and even big jolts have ZERO impact.

I bought a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS to replace it on my PC, and I am most happy with that card too.

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