MyMovies for MCE2005

My Movies is, by far, one of the best plugins available for Media Center that I’ve found yet. There are still a few small bugs in it, but generally it works really well.

I use it along with AnyDVD and it enables me to rent movies from the video store and watch them at my leasure, because in South Africa, we have to take movies back the next day, which is stupid, and unheard of anymore in most other countries. I am not condoning piracy, and once I watch them, I delete them (which can also easily be done in the MyMovies interface via remote).

Anyway, all you do is insert the DVD, and along with the usual “Play DVD” option which pops up in MCE, is a “Copy to Disk” option. It does a internet lookup to find the name, actors, genre etc, and puts the movie in the MyMovies database, which works a lot like the MCE Music interface with album art etc. It then copies the VOB and IFO files to a folder, either on your MCE box or a network share.

Playing the movie is even easier. Just select it by the picture (like album art) and press play. It uses the MCE DVD player interface, in full quality with surround sound. Awesome. A highly recommended download!

Get it at

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