WMVHD DRM Work-around for South Africa

After months of trying I have FINALLY managed to play my copy of Terminator 2 Extreme Edition in 1080p here in South Africa. That stupid “Phone-Home” DRM they use, which has up to now been very hard to work around has been giving me grey hair. I have tried hundreds of proxies in the USA. Some were too anonymous, some not anonymous enough. I always got busted. Tonight, I finally found one that works. Drop me a line if you want it. I’m not going to post it just incase it gets picked up somehow and messed up. There is a version of T2 WMVHD available on the net to download which has the DRM stripped out. It’s big though.

I predict this annoying trend of Digital Rights Management, in which the makers of the content decide how and when and where you play the disk you bought for a lot of money is going to get worse and worse. I posted previously about my annoyance and boycot of Sony due to their practice of CD protecting. Turns out they used a rootkit to do this, and are being sued for violation of privacy. Good! To make matters worse, there is a virus out that makes use of this piece of un-removable software. Way to go Sony! They have recalled the CD’s and appologised for this indescretion. I think they have also released a special removal tool. Or maybe that was Mark Russinovich. Not sure.

I will continue to fight the power of corporations who are determined to force me into their stupid rules.

EDIT:  I have had a lot of queries abou the proxy that works for this.  The first one I found has since stopped working, but I found the following one which works at the moment: : 8080

4 thoughts on “WMVHD DRM Work-around for South Africa

  1. Steve

    Hi there. I’m in the UK and I can’t play the bleedin’ T2 WMVHD either. Could you please let me know what proxy you found that worked, or where the de-DRMed version is? I’ve done the usual searches. Much appreciated.

  2. chris

    hi have t2 tried german link page sounds similar, to get round phone home
    would like to try yours or download t2 extream
    also have step into liquid wmvhd disc 2 r1
    have you a way to fool media 10 licence

    live in hope

    cheers chris


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