3 thoughts on “Car Media Center Podcast out tomorrow

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  2. bob


    Wondering whether you ever wound up getting the Media Center Communicator, which now has a v.2, and used it to test how well it might assist with voice activation/control of your in-car Media Center?

    I noted in a prior post on the subject, you noted that cost of the software. I would note that it still is over $100 based on my search for it on froogle, but seems like a good deal.

    Anway, would appreciate hearing whether you have integrated the MCC into your in-car Media Center, and, if so, what results. If not, do you intend to?



  3. Duncan Post author

    Hi Bob,

    I’m afraid I haven’t done anymore work on it yet. I have a mic now that I need to install into the car, but I haven’t looked into ther software side of it any farther. I need to. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get on it right away.



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