Low Latency VPN for Gaming

I signed up yesterday for NukeCap.co.za‘s low latency VPN gaming service yesterday. Ping times are still not great, but they are a lot better than they were. Using Telkom’s shaped bandwidth, it sometimes took me 5 or 6 tries to connect to ESO to play Age of Empires 3, and I had a lot of sync errors during games, which is VERY frustrating.

Using the low latency VPN serive, I log in straight away, and can connect to games usually on the first try, which is great. My ping time is still average (yellow) but the game play is MUCH better.

It is still not perfect, but is a great start to decent international gaming from South Africa. I got a newsletter from them today saying they are working on increasing the service to Europe somewhat. You only get 500MB of traffic which must be used over 60 days. There are other packages available, but this was about the best for me. I played AoE3 yesterday for about 2 hours, and I had used about 5MB of traffic, so it should last a while.

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