Unlimited Unshaped Bandwidth

Mr Beep of openweb.co.za is a hero of the South African internet resistance. Fighting hard against the tyranical practises of the greedy and oppressive evil empire that is Telkom. He has generously offered a free unlimited SOCKS proxy service to people who reply to his forum on his site. My international download speeds in BitComet have shot up to where it might actually possible to download torrents from international sites before my 85th birthday. (I’m only 28!).

I do have to use SocksCAP to get BitComet to work with the proxy, but that is no problem at all. Works really well. I am getting sustained download rates of 15kb/s as opposed to the 2-4kb/s I was getting before. Of course, remember torrents ALWAYS depend on the number of Seeds and Peers you have on that particular torrent.

-EDIT- I forgot to mention that this usage DOES still count towards your monthly cap. It just ‘unshapes’ it.

-EDIT 2 – I am now getting a fairly solid 40 – 60kb/s, which is AWESOME!

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