XBOX 360 Controller Battery Life

I have to say, I am quite impressed by the battery life for the XBOX 360 wireless controller. I have had my 360 for just over a week, and have been playing a LOT, and using the same controller all the time. I have messed around in every corner of the dash board I can get to many times, played several demo games, won the war (finshed the single player missions) in Call of Duty 2 (which is an awesome game by the way!), played MANY, MANY COD2 games on XBOX Live (which is also completely EPIC!), and sometimes just left the console on for a few hours because I forgot to turn it off. The controller does automatically shut down after a while, but it is quite a long time. Anyway, all the above was done on the set of 2xAA batteries the controller came with. Very impressive. They aren’t actually dead yet, I’ve just started getting my first set of warning lights. Should be about 25% charge left now.

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