No original XBox Extender Support in Vista

I’ve been hearing that Vista won’t support Xbox 1 Media Center Extenders, and that support of old HP and Linksys devices is also questionable. Whoa! That sucks. Obviously Xbox 306 will be supported, but I LOVE my Xbox 1 Extender. Not only was it cheap, but it works brilliantly, and the remote is probably the best I’ve ever used. Getting another 360 to be used as an extender is a possiblility after a price drop or two, but the remote isn’t nearly as good as the older black one, and it can’t run Xbox Media Center for playing Divx files. Oh well……. I’m bummed, but not bummed as I would be if I had dropped $400 on a Linksys or HP device!

-Edit- I wrote to Matt Goyer (who works on the Media Center dev team) about this, and he confirmed that there will be zero support in Vista for old extenders. He didn’t give any reasons, but it was nice of him to reply I suppose.

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