Nothing is Perfect in the World!

I recently got myself the 8GB iPod Nano.  The reason for this was that the device impressed me beyond belief in the following areas:

Design: The design of the actual device is breath-taking.  The UI is brilliant, and it just looks and feels right, nay, better than right!  Downright awesome!

Quality: This is a quality piece of kit.  The feel of the actual device, as well as the quality of the sound are phenominal.

Peripheral Support: Being the No.1 player (excuse the pun!) in any market means massive support with regard to accessories from both first and third party vendors.  Some of the complimentary products to the iPod are excellent.

BUT, (and there’s always a but), iTunes Sucks!!!  Why, oh why can’t it just support WMA and MP3 and sync with Media Player 11 (which as an aside ROCKS the socks off any other media player ever!)??  Why???  If this VERY small little software change was done, it would be the perfect device.  Seriously, it would be absolutely insane how cool this thing would be.  With iTunes, I have to have 2 copies of all my music, firstly in my nicely arranged WMA library for Media Center and Pocket PC, and then another copy in M4A, whatever that is.  Also, after spending hours (seriously!) on getting all my album art correct, iTunes just ignores it.  Then, iTunes tells me that in order to get album art, I need a iTunes Store account, oh, and it isn’t supported in South Africa yet.  What makes me even more upset is that stupid iTunes forces me to install Quicktime.  Yuk!

Another case in point:  Xbox360.  Another brilliant device.  BRILLIANT!!  I absolutly love it, mainly for the games (COD3 baby!!!), but can’t make it the king of my digital media space since it is crippled by not supporting DivX.  Hopefully, one day, MS will fix that, but they also may not.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Nothing is Perfect in the World!

  1. Max


    Re: DIVX on Xbox360 – you can do it via Media Center apparently. I don’t own a 360 so i cannot vouch for this.

    “this article shows how to stream DivX (and XviD) movies to an XBox 360 using a Media Center. for the picky people, it doesn’t actually stream DivX … it converts to WMV on the fly to stream. the core process for accomplishing this is taken from a thread found on the XBox forums”


    Check it out.

  2. Duncan Post author

    Yeah, there are various options for streaming DivX etc to the 360 for playback. I have tested Transcode360 and TVersity, and both work, but wouldn’t native support be great!? That’s what I meant by the article. Thanks for the comment.


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