Down with DRM!!

I’ve been noticing a quiet, but nevertheless, very apparent shift in the industry away from that scourge known as Digital Rights Management. I’ve always been stongly against it, as I’ve posted many times in the past, and it’s extremely pleasing to see big players in the digital world also voicing similar opinions. You can now purchase non-DRM protected MP3s from some online music stores, HD-DVDs are currently all region free, Bill Gates himself said that DRM is rubbish, and you should rather rip your own CDs than buy them MP3s with DRM, etc etc.

The fact of the matter is that DRM hurts the honest consumer more than anyone else. Pirates who want to crack something will do it, eventually. Honest consumers who purchase a song from iTunes and are then restricted horribly to only playing it on a certain device, in a certain way, and sometimes only for a certain time just plain sucks. Putting these ridiculous kinds of usage limits on music when I can go and buy the CD and rip it myself DRM free is dumb. I wager that removing DRM entirely will benefit the market, so long as costs are also kept in check. There will always be pirates, just like there will always be thieves, but stop punishing the legitamate users, please!!! All this does is force people like myself, who for example, did purchase a High Definition copy of Terminator 2 only to find I was locked out of it by the draconian limitations placed on the content by the owners, to look for “other” less restrictive means of obtaining content.

Down with DRM. Get rid of it for good!!! It can only be a good thing!!

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