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I won Cape Town NuMetro PGR3 Competition

Nu Metro, one of the major cinema companies here in South Africa, and Microsoft held a PGR3 competition.  In order to qualify, you had to purchase a movie ticket and set a lap time on one of the PGR3 tracks in an Aston Martin DB9.  The top 32 qualifiers would then race in a split screen knock-out type tournament in one of the cinemas, on the big screen.  I ended up qualifying 11th, and went along to the final today.

It was awesome!!!  They used a really nice projector (looked like 1080p) and everything was set up very well.  The sound was excellent, and the picture was superb.  Several people who qualified had obviously not played much before, and only got a good laptime on the qualy track by doing tons of laps.  There were some really good players though.  It ended up with myself and another guy in the final, who was definitly the best player there (besides me, but I’m not going to toot my own horn…. toot.).  We had a good close race in the final but I managed to stay ahead of him.

I won another Xbox 360.  I’m really chuffed, because I was very nervous when the whole thing started.  I must congratulate Gerhard (my opponent in the final) for a great race.  Also, thanks to Nu-Metro and Cinevation for coming up with this awesome competition.  I really enjoyed it, and hope there will be more like it in the future.