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I have an AXE to grind!!!! Rock On!!

Guitar Hero II was one of those games I really wasn’t sure about.  It did sound like fun for a while, but I had never seen it in action or played it myself.  Well, as luck would have it, a good mate of mine bought a copy but had to go away on business for a few days, so he loaned to me while he was away!  After hacking my way through my second song, and actually nailing my first good run, I was hooked!  This game is awesome!  I have since bought my own copy, and guitar (axe).

The Guitar controller feels very cool.  The buttons work nicely, it’s comfortable to use, and is a load of fun.  Lifting the neck high to activate Star mode is cool too.  After an extended session, my left hand does feel like it’s been slammed in a door, but that’s just my lack of co-ords more than any fault of the controller.  After a 10 minute rest, I’m ready to go again!  How well somebody who isn’t into music and had never tried to play guitar in real life would enjoy GH2 is debatable, but as for me, well, I’m majorly into Guitar Hero II!

I just wish my sister didn’t kick my butt at it so much!  Must go practise before she comes over again!!!!!