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Happy Birthday to my Xbox 360 (well, almost)

I say almost in the title, since today is indeed my first anniversary of the joining of me and my 360, but alas, just a few short days shy of the great event, she decided to give up the ghost, kick the bucket, throw in the towel, buy the farm, whatever your favourite metaphor is for DYING.  She’s dead.  3 red lights.  The word “gutted” doesn’t describe how I felt the day she passed away.  But, I’m an impatient man, and didn’t waste a moment in running down to my local mall to buy a replacement.  Its not a waste of money really, since I was planning on getting another one anyway to use as a Media Center Extender, but only later on.  In an even crueller twist of bad luck, she died only a week after I had sold the premium bundle I won in the PGR3 competition for well less than they cost retail.  Anyway, what can you do.  No use crying over spilt milk or dead Xbox’s.

The story isn’t all bad though.  When Xbox 360 was launched in SA, the distributer made a deal with Microsoft to support imported consoles that were purchased before local launch.  No idea why they did that, but it was jolly decent of them.  Mine has been arranged to be replaced under this deal, which is fantastic, and not the kind of putting the customer first experience we usually get here in Africa.  I commend MI Digital / JNC on this move, and thank Waggy ZA for his part in helping me out.

Some stats about my first year of Xbox 360 and Live from MyGamerCard.net and 360Voice.com:

Number of Games: 62

Total Score: 17269 / 36165

Total Achievements: 519 / 1278

Rep:  5 Stars
GamerScore: 17269
Zone: Recreation

Completed XBLA: 0 / 9
Completed Retail: 6 / 30
GS Completion %: 47.75%
GS % (Non-Demo): 54.71%

Country Rank: 16/868
World Rank: 12240/982215

Most Played: Project Gotham Racing 3

Longest streak: 28 days
Play percentage: 84.5%
Largest achievement gain:10/21/2006 (13)
Largest gamerscore gain:1/16/2007 (550)